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Airline Review Ryanair Economy Class Flight

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Overall Rating

Ground  1.20
Check-In 1.00
Lounge 1.00
Boarding 1.00
Baggage 1.00
Punctuality 3.00
Air  1.15
Seat comfort 1.00
Entertainment 1.00
Cleanliness 2.00
Service 1.00
Dishes 2.00
Beverages 1.00
Restrooms 1.00
Extras 1.00
Other  1.00
Price / Performance 1.00
Safeness 1.00

I\'ll never set foot on a Ryanair flight again in my life, and neither should you or anyone whose dignity and safety you care about.  -  Economy Class

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Airline from to Date Class Flight No. Aircraft Type Seat Number
Ryanair Dublin Edinburgh 06.2013 Economy Class FR818

Airline Review On the Ground

Check-In 1 Customers are forced to jostle / stand in a crowded, unpleasant line for an hour or more before their incoming flight even arrives at the airport. 
Lounge 1 There is no lounge. There is an overcrowded, dirty, inadequate area where some small number of customers can sit -- and subsequently lose their place in line. In many cases, queuing takes place in stairways or walkways, sometimes exposed to weather. There are no amenities or facilities whatsoever.
Boarding 1 Waiting time to board is excessive. Passengers are treated like livestock. Most flight attendants don\'t speak the language of the country they operate in.
Baggage 1 Baggage charges are very high -- excessive, in fact. Penalties for overweight baggage are extortionist. Ryanair does measure the weight of carry-on such as backpacks, purses, and briefcases, so be prepared to get slapped with extra fees for carry-on items if they\'re too heavy.
Punctuality 3 Incoming flights are often delayed, but Ryanair boards and takes-off so quickly that planes usually arrive on time.

Airline Review In the Air

Seat Comfort 1 Non-reclining seats, uncomfortably cushioned, no seat-back pocket in front, little privacy. Seat width is narrow and every possible surface is plastered with adverts for products sold in-flight by Ryanair. 
Entertainment 1 Nonexistent. Attendants distribute a book to advertise the products they\'re selling, but then collect it back up again toward the end of the flight.
Cleanliness 2 Because there\'s little cabin service, there\'s a fair amount of miscellaneous rubbish when you board. Because there\'s no where to put it, it\'ll stay there during your entire flight.
Service 1 Attendants are understaffed, usually don\'t speak the language of the countries they\'re traveling in, and in a hurry to finish what little they can do.
Dishes 2 Food is hurriedly presented, not very high quality, but it is reasonably priced.
Beverages 1 Warm beer (175 ml bottle, as I recall). Warm soda in small cans. No ice. Limited selection. Lots of things not in stock.
Restrooms 1 uncomfortable. Locked off much of the time.
Extras 1 NONE. Such things do not exist on Ryanair.

Airline Review Miscellaneous

Price / Performance 1 By the time I paid all the hidden fees and penalties assessed by Ryanair, I could have booked a flight on British Air or Aer Lingus for significantly less. Ryanair is a SCAM airline that works very hard to maximize profit at the expense of customer service, politeness, and thoughtfulness. I ended up paying well over $1500 for four round-trip tickets between Dublin and Edinburgh, once all the penalties and fees were paid. Had I not been traveling with my granddaughter and niece, I would have told Ryanair to to to hell and used my time differently. 
1 Okay, except for two things. First, these are obviously very old airplanes and they receive minimal pre-flight maintenance checks and routine maintenance. Second, both landings with Ryanair were VERY rough -- a sharp, bone-jarring touchdown, followed by several seconds of violent wobbling / back and forth oscillation that seemed to concern many passengers.

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